12 December 2012

Off The Wall

There aren't many places you can hang your flyers these days. 
Perhaps that's not such a bad thing.

However, our resident designer couldn't resist working up a poster that without a doubt he'd be pasting up on a multitude of walls if he had half the chance. In his words, "yow man, dance is dance, do it any way you wanna". 
And so you have it. 
This New Years Eve we're gonna be dancing at none other than The...
hold on, let's think this through.
Ok, for those of you who are into clear cut pub/venue details click here The White Lion where as if you're more into that facebooky, social network kinda ting then click here The White Lion

It's gotta be said, it's both an honour and a privi to get that kinda booking. We're glad to be part of the social flow that says "lets build the future on a foundation of celebration, optimism and hope".

So yeah, we're gonna be dancing in from around 9 til who knows in The White Lion, in Walsall , or should we have said Walsall...or maybe even Walsall  depending on what floats your boat. 
And we would love to see loads of folk dancing too. 

And in celebration of the spirit of 'who gives a monkeys ~ i'm having a good time' we give you our designer's latest venture.

Do It Any Way You Wanna

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