09 December 2012

Leicester's got the Blues

Our beatsmaster 'Toad' after the set.
Stone Washed giving it large. 
They were nice guys. Let us share their bass amp. Had a nice following. 

Daz Tong did absolutely no wrong. Well maybe that Spice Girls cover was taking it a bit too far. Just kidding Daz. Great guitarist, bags of soul. And he hung around to check out our set so nuff respect Mr T. 
Third time at The Shed in Leicester last night and, as much as we love the venue, the owner, the engineer, the bar staff, and usually the vibe, it has to be said that it didn't feel like our greatest performance of the year. Strange that. On stage felt the best yet - tidied up and with improved lighting - well done to you guys for making that happen. It wasn't the technical vibes, although we didn't get a sound check and all musos know what a good sound check achieves. No, it was just a vibe. We maybe were a little subdued and although we played with gusto, we found it difficult to get into that full, nice and easy flow.

And maybe on this occasion we were affected by the low turnout. It does raise an issue, and not necessarily in relation to our band, but more to do with the club itself. 

Why should a purpose built live music venue with more than enough space to fit 300 people upstairs and down, not be full of live music lovers on a Saturday night in Leicester City Centre? Doesn't anyone care about grass roots music or unsigned musicians in that city anymore? Is it a generational thing maybe, young folks going elsewhere and mature gens not bothering unless they are sure they know what they're going to get in return for their hard earned cash? Who knows? It did seem kinda strange though for a club of such musical authenticity (you only have to look around on the walls to see the amount of bands that have passed through the joint) to be closing its doors before midnight on a saturday night.

Anyways, The Vicar knows we'll be back there at the first opportunity. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. 

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