30 September 2012

The Swan With Two Necks (or The Night The Bass Amp Blew..)

TR Music is the most longstanding music shop in Walsall. It sells guitars, amps, drum kits and a host of other stuff of interest to the muso mind. It also has a dedicated back room where keen technical experts are holed up for days at a time fixing busted amps, speakers and so on.  They're great...usually.

So it's not their fault that Peace took his faulty amp there for repair and collected it two weeks later with a mile wide smile, confident that he'd left it in good hands and it was now ready to hit the road by his side, only to find that within minutes of plugging it in and powering it up on stage in Macclesfield it decided that enough was enough and left the party.

Panic mode...

However, the day was saved when trusty "I've got brains coming outta my ass' Super Landlord and Licensee Andy revealed a replacement power amp that he was holding in a back room for an associate.

Panic over...

And so, with eager beaver smiles and some typical Walsillian verve, the swamp rock mercenaries did their thang.

Here's a snippet of the night...

The Swan With Two Necks
15th September 2012

Notice that despite our best efforts the sound track might be slightly outta sync. Well that's what you get for trying to be Hendrix and Spike Lee at the same time. No matter. Shiny, classy video anyway. Note how Peace comes out of the shadows to bust some groove moves as he gets more into the vibe. Ok there are a couple of Macclesfield lasses who just decide to stroll through the shot  as if they got places to go (and they probably did) late on, but it's true that there were some nice ladies celebrating a birthday just outta shot and they was well sweet in their support. 

TR Music...all is forgiven, but we do need to see you soon cos we now need a bass amp :-(

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