15 September 2012

Arty Fest

Well, well well...
Last weekend we played Artsfest in Birmingham. Not bad considering the organisors put us in exactly the same slot as they did two years ago, which happened to be the opening slot of the day, 2.00pm at The Flapper. Well, sometimes you have to just go with the flow...

All in all Artsfest 2012 was pretty cool!

Peace obviously doesn't like saying cheese...
And hey, whose is that arm to the left??? Looks like the young fiancee is about to get whisked off.

Lamest punchline ever,  "Officer, I'd like to report a suspicious looking character..."
This guy keeps people as motionessly looking at him as he is at them during his act/performance.
His missus can't be too pleased washing them garms every week.

Who needs text messaging? The Drums Speak For Us All.
This session turned out to be one of those precious moments during the fest when things could have either gone horribly wrong or beautifully right. Turned out beautifully right ~ everyone had a great time.

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