18 March 2012

Peacifications Part 3. What Makes Gigging Great.

It's the morning after the night before. 

The sky is a silvery grey. The ground is wet. It's been snowing but not enough to change the landscape dramatically. There's a church bell ringing in the distance. You can feel the season changing.  Summer isn't far away. The sun will be shining soon.

There's a curious biblical teaching that pretty much says, don't live in the world, live above it. Easier said than done. The heart of society is like a magnet to which we are all drawn baby. Everybody wants to feel like they're a part of something. Even better if you can feel like you're part of something good. And even BETTER if you can share that feeling with others. 

The industrialists, capitalists and economists have been working together for a long time and made significant contributions to the current shape of society. I'm not blaming them for the bills I've got but I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering from time to time, 'why the heck do I have so many bills to pay?' Shouldn't the purpose of us developing and using such skills and knowledge be to make living in society easier for us all instead of more difficult? 

In fact there are times when it's really hard to find a single good thing to say about society. You just have to watch the news and...

I guess what the religious writers were trying to say was that the only way you're gonna get that permanent good good feeling is by abandoning your current take on society and approaching life through a change of vision -  perhaps trying to see things the way you think God might see things. I guess that's what you could refer to as seeing things from a heavenly perspective?  

The state of things today, we have a long long way to go. Maybe some of those bleak surroundings that we see reflect some of the bleak outlooks that we have. And maybe it's a two way street; which means that if there is no positive vision then we simply absorb and become what we think we see. Stress,  misfortune, disadvantge, need, damage, etc.  


I think that there are people that already do what those 'Holy Writers' suggested but maybe don't realise that they're doing it. Just nice people who like to see and do nice things just because they like to be a part of good things and they wanna share that with others.  As tough and sick as society is, if you search hard and deeply enough you'll find spots where there are some real nice things going on, and some real nice people making really cool things happen.  You'll find people that have a positive outlook, a 'yes life can be nice' vision. They're probably the same ones that will smile and say hello to you as you pass them in the street.

That said, last night was great.

The Wheatsheaf in Walsall is a standalone Midlands icon awash with rich musical history. Any artist that performs there today is following a long line of performing artists, over the decades, that have featured at the venue. Anyone who felt the magic of The Overstrand (unfortunately no more in existence) will almost certainly know why The Wheatsheaf and its heritage is at the very centre of the musical spirit that exists within Walsall.

And talking about nice people who make nice things happen, what great company we found there! The staff, the audience, everyone.
Like I said, last night was great. 

We might not yet be living above the world,  but for great company, great spirit and just a generally great time, last night was sky high!

The Wheatsheaf

Were you there?


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