19 February 2012

40 Days & 40 Nights

To celebrate reaching the milestone of 4000 hits on the journal we figured we could either have;

a) All yelled "High Five !!!" at exactly the same moment. Hit the connection. Laughed. Moved on. 


b) All yelled "High Five!!!" at slightly different moments within the same instance. Hit the connections (remember - our timings are gonna be slightly outta sync now). Laughed. Moved on. 

We did neither. We're not the athletes we used to be (Peace: 'apart from Toad maybe. I think he could work that kit in his sleep. Ha!').

We opted instead for sharing with the peeps that have made 4k hits possible, an extract from a song taken from our Inhouse Collection;

40 Days & 40 Nights. (See above).

The full version is 18 mins long. 13 Minutes longer than we could squeeze outta Podsnack given our current terms with them.

Anyway. Enjoy the extract. Its our way of saying...

Thanx to all readers for following the journey of the 
original swamp rock mercenaries!!!

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