17 December 2011


2011 Awards 
(In no particular order)

Stuff We've Learnt In 2011
  1. Expect the unexpected to occur unexpectedly.
  2. The term 'cracking' as in "that corn beef sandwich was cracking", is as relevent today as it ever was.
  3. Walsall is now officially in the top 10% most deprived districts in England.
  4. Age ain't nothing but a number, but it still matters.
  5. We love what we do.

Stuff We've Achieved in 2011
  1. Tesco Town ~ 788 Views on Youtube. "Wow, people showing some love for this tune or what?"
  2. Played our first ever festival - CVF2011. 
  3. Created Swift Hippo Promotions and Pandora Promotions as atleast, concepts.
  4. Supported 30 Nov Strike.
  5. Not caught mumps.
Best Friends in 2011.
  1. Leon (& son).
  2. JJM Studios
  3. The Catapult Club
  4. BBC WM / Chrissy Simmons / Jan (at The Wheatsheaf) / Mel's Allstars
  5. All of those, you know 'who you are' type aquaintances. (Family, friends, etc).
Best Memories in 2011
  1. Getting BBC Radio airplay (twice).
  2. Brighton
  3. Being 'interviewed' by Chrissy Simmons.
  4. Noddy Holder
  5. Tesco Town getting so much attention.
Worst Memories in 2011
  1. Closure of The Fountain (Walsall)
  2. Cancellation of the Bloxwich Bookmark Gig
  3. Being turned away by Birmingham Artsfest. 
  4. Demolition of The Overstrand (Walsall).
  5. Deaths of Joan Barton, Terry Edis, Clive Riggon and others who will be sadly missed...

More to follow in this post...

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