20 November 2011

An Inside Story

One of our band members is a huge fan of Hammer Horror. 

His favourite HH film is none other than Dracula. It would be a lie to say that he hasn't watched that movie less than 15 times.  Indeed, if one were to do a 'Through The Keyhole' type of vibe at his crib, one would be almost certain to find overwhelming evidence of his affinity towards the world of Vampires.

Par example:

The Anita Blake Series
A collection of graphic novels that Walsall just don't provide. Only vamp loving meatloafs are gonna go outta their way to get hold of these issues. (Although you might have to go as far as looking under his auspicious collection of mouldy socks to unearth this colorful treasure).

A worn out, busted dvd player...suffering through the relentless playing of movies like 'The Horror of Dracula' and 'Dracula - Prince of Darkness'. No joke!!!

And...much much more. Stuff that we better not go into just in case he gets vex on us and rounds up some of his poker faced comrades to teach us a blood sucking lesson.

Just imagine his absolute pleasure at learning that Stoke on Trent had produced, through their illustrious and talented movie maker Chris Stone, a Victorian vamp series all of its own. That a Midlands town should be recognised for its contribution to our film making heritage was one thing, for that film series to be an indulgence in the dark world of vampires was absolutely something else. We just couldn't resist posting the introductory chapter here for his and your benefit. Watch and enjoy the series.

If you can guess which of our band has a taste for the 'Undead', let us know so we can have a laugh at your expense. 

Seriously though, Chris Stone is a director to watch. He has produced some great pieces of work, including an amazing music video for the band Weak13. It would be an absolute pleasure to work with him in the future. We'll see eh?

PS: Lara de-Leuw. Sensational. Nuff said.

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