27 November 2011

The Hottest Ticket in Town

A friend of ours once suggested over a pint that in order to gain some publicity we should have some group photos taken whilst trotting into shot on horseback. I guess he may have seen us at the time as three budding rock n roll comencheros, riding our musical steeds into town.  Needless to say, that hasn't happened yet and chances are, unless we somehow find ourselves providing the entertainment at a Texas rodeo, it never will. Yeeehaaa to that!!!

One of our fave reporters West Midlands' based Chrissy Symmons came up with a more, let's say, user friendly idea, like, 'How about doing an interview guys?'. Not too much to think about there then. And so, not only did the 19th August edition of The Ticket feature on its front cover  the, some might say, absolutely beautiful and tantalizing  Rihanna...

but also,  the absolutely, and some might say, even more tantalizing (not!!!) swamp rock mercenaries, your very own 'The Illuminations'. (Or Illuninations, as they, for some reason decided to call us - something to do with looney nations maybe? Read our earlier post: Peacifications Part 2; Being An Unknown Artist here ).

Clearly, where Rihanna may be lacking in fashion sense, bling and photogenicity, we're there to pick up the shortfall. Mind you, she certainly knows how to make good use of the coffee table.

The Ticket - Pg 4 & 5 Aug 2011

Obviously, for copyright reasons it would be totally wrong of us to just rip off the page and present it here. Plus, we're kinda lacking in the technical know how department. So the best way to get to read the article itself would be to head on over to the edition yourself. 

Just click the link below.

The Ticket
And so it gives us great pleasure to announce that, for producing what has to be the Hottest Ticket in Town, reporter Chrissy Symmons joins the illustrious list of persons who has now been awarded the honorary accolade of being our 'Unsigned Artists Highlight of the Week'

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