30 October 2011

The Same Stage

It's like a dream.

To try in your wildest dreams to walk the same road as so many of your heroes have done. 

To stand on the same stage.

Swim in the same sea.

We'll play anywhere, anytime and anyplace just to add to the musical heritage.

Playing at the Robin 2 somehow has an extra special feel to it though.  

On the night we'll be the first on ~ the opening performers. What an opportunity ~ for us and for our fans, friends and followers (FFnF). Once again Walsall has a chance to be heard ~ just like it was, loud and proud,  on 24th September in B'ham at The Actress and Bishop. 

We love it when the arts and musical talents that come out of the town we grew up in receives the added bonus of hometown support when its protagonists venture out. And we're no different. We are gonna hit spots when the support of our FFnF is gonna be crucial. Thanx in advance!!! ~ you know we'll be all about putting out good music on a foundation of solid love BABY so, no problem there. 

Yeah. This could be a night to remember.

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