30 October 2011

Peacifications Part 2. Being an Unknown Artist

 #Lesson 1 ~ Don't leave the matter of getting your name known, in anyone else's hands. (Generally speaking ofcourse!)

Ok. So you form a band. Pretty soon you're thinking, Hey! this could be going somewhere... we could go get some gigs. And you realise that there's now no avoiding the fact that if you gonna go any further ~ the band needs a name.

Welcome to the jungle.

Its hard enough thinking of a name, then you have to go about getting your band's name known...

Live & Loud have been good to us, but if this ain't sabotage, what is ?

Don't go crazy on us guys, we know it was just a mistake. And we are genuinely sorry that we had to pull out of the gig.

Just making a point.

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