23 October 2011

Hello Noddy ~ Rock Legend meets Rock Lion

There is a rumour that Peace was in the company of non other than the legendary Noddy Holder this week.

That's right! Him and 300 or so others, gathered together at Walsall Town Hall. Doing what exactly? Hard to say. But what we know for sure is, since the Hare & Hounds Gig (which, aside from the low ticket sales,  was a really great night by the way) Peace hasn't been seen. 

If this recently acquired picture (yes we have our sources) of The Rock Legend and The Rock Lion isn't some kind of mock up, which we seriously suspect it has to be, if it isn't,  then atleast we can say he was still in town on Friday night (The night that Noddy helped his hometown to raise almost £3k for local charities). 

Not bad for a night's work Noddy ol' san. No wonder 'Her Maj' gave you that MBE back in 2000.

Back to Peace. 
The theory is he's done a bunk because he's cheesed off about the poor ticket sales for our last gig at H&H. He's probably gone somewhere to over-indulge in some arts and culture to help him get over it. And with our next gig not being until 23rd Nov, he's got plenty of time to do that.  

An anonymous fan sent us this photo and said that Peace had been spotted in The Trough late on Friday night. Now where music is concerned that's a Walsall pub with a rich history. It could be true, he likes to go there from time to time. Not spotted him on the pic though so not sure what that's all about (except, if that's friday night at The Trough, see you next friday!!!)

Our next gig is seriously eclectic and looks like its gonna be played in the 3-4-3 formation. That is, our 3 piece bluesrock-o-drama, followed by the four piece called Under The Fridge with the night's headline spot going to the live wire trio that make up Superdupergrass

Tickets are on sale (See Below) and it's true to say that we would absolutely love to see a packed house for this one. The fact that it's a Wednesday night affair makes that even more possible because comeon...who does anything that they can't get out of on a wednesday night? Walsall. Bilston, Wolverhampton particularly, you (and your muso loving patrons) are absolutely encouraged to be a part of this, our Bilston debut.  Oh and with the tickets at £7 and £8 a pop, there's no doubt that we'll be gearing up to give the performance of a lifetime. If peeps are gonna make that kinda effort to get there, nuff respect -  we'll be making that kind of effort to make sure your investment was worth it.

Now, all we got to do is find our bass player...

In case you're wondering about the last gig ~ here are some neat pics taken on the night.

By the way, we've added more artists to our 'Bands we've gigged alongside' video playlist. When you get a moment, take a look at the bass of this post and let us know if you can spot the difference...

Bands we've gigged alongside.

Big Stone Culture
Wicked Messengers
Captain Horizon
The Grey Goose
The Inebriati
and more...

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