14 October 2011

Everyone Welcome

Emma Scott Presents has produced a nice, simple but attractive looking flyer for our forthcoming gig at The Hare & Hounds.

And this gig has more than an air of mystery to it. First time in Kings Heath. First time working with Emma Scott. First time playing with Negative Brody, The  Motive and Fantastik 4. First time we've had to turn down a gig to prevent a contract breach (that's another story ~ sorry Fletch) . First time we're gonna play out since the Showcase Gig.

Biggest problem we face right now is being based in Walsall but having to sell tickets for gigs in Bham. Nothing against being based in Walsall. Nor about gigging in Birmingham. It's just funky trying to make it all fit together ticket-wise.

Perhaps we need an actual Walsall and a Birmingham based ticket outlet. A place where our gig dates are always on view and our tickets are always on sale. Not saying that anyone would want to buy one. But atleast they'd be available.

Anyone fancy doing some business?

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