18 September 2011

The Artists Biggest Battle ~ The Music Industry?

We're dedicating this post to all the bands that we've gigged with. Guys who bring their art to the people through their non stop gigging.

For more details about where and when we performed alongside each of these guys, check our youtube channel click here to go to our YouTube Channel

Life on the road is not always easy. It can be kinda bitter sweet. Bitter if you find yourself playing to an empty room but sweet cos empty room or not, when you're playin its all you care about. That's music. That's what it can do to you.

These days there are not enough people going to gigs just for the sake of it. Going, not just because they're following a particular band, but going just because they're out to have a good time. Is the music industry to blame? Have they, through their clever use of the TV and other media, turned all of those potential community based audiences into their sponsors recruited to follow their 'celebrities' and finance their organisations?

We don't know any 'unsigned' artists. All of the artists we know have left their signatures somewhere.

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