10 August 2011

We Support 'fISH eYe Focus MoVieS'

No cash, no equipment, no problem.

fISH eYe Focus  is all about supporting live music

Our tunes have probably kicked in on auto play by now, and under normal circs we'd be a bit cheesed if you turned them off.  For this post you are definately least for the duration of this vid. Silence us on the player below and lets get back to bizniss.

Unsigned bands can find it difficult to get exposure. And even the signed artists don't take their eye off the mark when it comes to publicity. Which is all the more reason for supporting any initiative that captures, shares and celebrates what the bands that aren't yet (and may not ever be) household names are doing.

This short video features some phenomenal talents performing at venues around the Midlands like The Wharf Bar (Walsall) and The Actress & Bishop (Bham). The quality of both visual and audio are definitely not Hollywood (thank goodness), but the quality of the bands themselves more than makes up for that. And clearly the fish eye focus thing is more about sharing great experiences than anything else.  

In other words ~ don't knock it, It's free!...(this time) :-)

And yeah...we notice that we were missing from the vid. We currently have a certain camera man tied and blindfolded in a secret location and are awaiting a response to our...erm, external correspondence. 

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