09 July 2011

The most significant gig in the history of Walsall live music for decades?

The flyer for the Walsall Live Band Showcase gig may well end up looking something like this...

The clock is ticking towards a saturday night in September when four bands with exceedingly Walsallian connections embark upon a rare outta town adventure. How fitting that the associate Birmingham promoter working alongside Walsall's own independent promotion outfit 'Swift Hippo Promotions' is called 'The Catapult Club.' This is a venture that could actually take off big time and not least because in this particular lineup of musos has to be some of Walsall's coolest musicians.

Lets start with The Monicas.

Since we took them in at their 18th April 2010 gig at the Wharf Bar in Walsall, musically, in our humble opinion these guys have simply gone from strength to strength. We always liked their style  but their most recent recordings cemented for us the fact that The Monicas are a great band with an excellent sound.

Check their myspace here...enjoy The Monicas

'Baby Please' is one of those timeless tunes. Anytime ~ Anywhere!!! Whilst the infectiously danceable 'Going Blind' is amazing. For us, they just have to start the night off. (Although, to be fair, that's as of yet undecided). Whenever they play, there is no doubt that we'll enjoy their set.

Then there's Big Stone Culture.

You know there are some things that are just meant to be. Like when you are invited into a band's private rehearsal room just at the same time as you're looking out for a good band to do some bizniss with and the next thing you know, the artists that you have the privilage of listening to are busting out a 'twisted ska' cover version of one of your fave tunes. Big Stone Culture were a must for this showcase.  They bring something to the table that is exciting and refreshing. 'No Rights' is absolute class!!!

And finally Frankie Williams and The Grey Goose. Regular features on Brett Birks BBC Introducing show, these guys are without a doubt making musical waves ALL over. They're a blues band with an outward appeal and probably the biggest band in Walsall right now.

If you're a Walsallian who feels like you need a Walsallian pride boost right now, check out the achievements of some of your hometown bredrins who are out there doing something good...

and of course if you want to hear them in action ~ or more specifically speaking, get there recent album 'Beat The Devil Outta Me'...

or check their myspace for more tunes  right here!!!

And then there's us.

The Illuminations

A musical collaboration born in the heady detritus of a hazy summer gone by. We rock like no band known to us. We're an enterprising mix of musical genius and modern mayhem in motion.

Swamp rock mercenaries ~ that's a title we can live with, although titles are not really our thing.

It's hard to say what it is that is making us tick but whatever it is seems to draw some great music out of us and performing at this gig will definitely seal what's been an amazing summer for us. Not necessarily on a materialistic level. But on a level that says, 'hey, you got biiiiiiig reason for being around. Keep doing what you doing.' (More details on that one in the next blog).

And so, we are so proud to be headlining a Walsall live band showcase featuring these unbelievably talented Walsall artists in Birmingham for the first time. What will make the night even more tremendous will be if the place is packed with a generous mix of people who then go on to witness and enjoy, what we think will be, a piece of beautiful Birmingham, Walsall and The Black Country musical history.

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