11 July 2011

Local Bands Light Up The Beacon

Barr Beacon ~ Beacon Bands Event 2011
So, we're now standing in the crowd, having just emerged from the shelter of the nearby trees. Despite being dampened by the sudden downpour that brought an abrupt  interuption  to Snooty Bobs' performance, everyone continues to be in good spirit and the celebration (and Snooty Bobs' set) continues with a sense of community spirit and enthusiasm not often witnessed around these parts.

Barr Beacon is a cool location for a gig like this. As well as hosting a World War I War Memorial, Barr Beacon formed a part of Olde England's defensive line, the beacon itself being lit to signal to the UK land rulers that that pesky Spanish Armada was on its way. The hill is the highest point you'll find between Walsall and the Ural Mountains in Russia. So in terms of sending out a message to the surrounding world, Barr Beacon is an ideal point from which to relay your vibe.

The message being sent out by 'Bands On The Beacon' today is an important one. 'Walsall live music is on the rise again.'

Not since the so called 'People's Festival'  (approx 2000 - 2004?) has Walsall seen such a lean towards investment in local artistic (muso) talent. Walsall Council should pat themselves on the back for being shrewd enough to deliver an event that has both solidified the reputations of some of our better known artists (jazz funk outfit 'Snooty Bobs' & blues busters 'Mojo Hooker' being two fine examples) AND unlocked some new and refreshing talent in the shape of that amazing Coalpool four piece 'The Nicks.' What DON'T these bands bring to the table? You decide...

Listen to Snooty Bobs here

Listen to Mojohooker here

See The Nicks in action here

We're here (that is Bones, Toad and Peace) simply because we love live music full stop. We love playing, we love listening, we're just a bunch of muso junkies always on the lookout for our next fix.  Running up to the gig we had a few twitter mentions, 'come and check out the vibe' and similar,  which were pretty cool, and which made us feel kind of respected,  and we know a few people involved in the muso zones so we guessed that we'd be amongst friends should we be able to join the proceedings. But, first and foremost, it's really good to see how the local music scene is shaping up from time to time.

And from what we can's doing fine.

The Nicks
mojo hooker
Mojo Hooker
snooty bobs
Snooty Bobs

(Thanx Compact Col for these wikid band shots). 

Later this week, we play The Crown in Bham. (Thursday 14th July to be precise).
BBC WM's Brett Birks
Brett Birks
We're planning to unleash some new numbers to celebrate being headline band, so we're really excited about playing. Saying that, anyone that knows us knows that our gigs can also be pretty improvised affairs. We don't do scripts too well...We just like to rock our vibes with attitude and enjoyment.

See you there if you can make it.

Oh, by the way... Our 'Unsigned Artists Highlight of the Week' this week goes to Brett Birks of BBCWM Introducing for somehow squeezing us into the end of last week's show at around 11.55pm ~ just when we thought he'd forgotten about us.

It was a great show with some great Birmingham and Black Country artists in the mix, so an absolute honor to be the band to conclude the show.

Missed it? Listen again to only our 2nd radio airplay here...

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