30 June 2011

"The first song I ever sang in public was Long Tall Sally. I love Little Richard's voice and I always wanted to sing like him." Paul McCartney

The Illuminations by Col.
taken at the Caldmore Village Festival 2011
There's a supernatural air to things right now.

45 Minutes or so from now may mark for us an historic occasion.

I won't say what it is on this post ~ maybe the next, but if it happens it will be something that I'm sure we'll celebrate as a band for a long time.  

Here's a clue though...

10pm UK time...onwards

And at a time when celebrating music is very much at the forefront of people's minds. Sunshine...V, Glastonbury...It really is festival season!!!

Enjoy yourselves.

Peace is listening to The Roots of Paul McCartney. A CD he got with the mag MOJO. It's an unbelievable collection of songs by artists such as Wilbert Harrison and Arthur 'Big Boy' Cruddup and one of his favourite artists Ray Charles. He's almost in Heaven for sure.

Every muso should read MOJO when they can...

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