27 June 2011

Early Recordings Back by Popular Demand

It's the night after the gig at The Wharf Bar.

24 hours before, we were there...sat at the canal side, drinking, talking, laughing, dreaming. The gig had gone well. Really well...despite one or two technicals. Busted guitar straps, misbehaving guitar leads, a mic stand that seemed to have a life of it's own...stuff like that. But we had been due to play that venue or one like it - a town centre spot with a lot going for it, for a while, and we grabbed the chance to let loose in the town centre with both hands - so to speak. Peace says he thinks the promoter was happy so there may be future dates lined up soon.

Tonight, amongst other things, we can reflect.

One of the nice things that happens when you're out gigging is that you get a chance to meet new friends and, dare we say it, gain new followers. (Comeon, we might be pretty easy going but we're also ambitious, who wouldn't want to play to a packed NIA?). But the meeting friends part is real important. At the end of the day, we're a community. We've all got a part to play in trying to make real community work ennit? And can you do that by not taking time for your community. Hence, we like to meet people and we like to hear what music lovers have to say about our music, about the local music scene, about the music scene in general, about pretty much anything.

The Wharf Bar in Walsall Town Centre.

Well, some of our recent gigs have gone so well, that is to say, the response and feedback that we have recieved has been so positive and encouraging that we've relented to pressure and decided to give folks a chance to hear five of our early recordings again. We brought them together on one playlist (see below). Enjoy and watch this space for news about our fresh forthcoming recordings !!!

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